Marie Close

Thanks to university studies in Social Communications (IHECS, Brussels), with a specialisation in photography, I develop in my dance an aesthetic and sensitive vision while drawing from the depths of the dancer that which can be revealed to the world. As a traveler in the soul, I move around the globe and harvest rituals and shamanic practices that support my artistic work.

Dance transforms me. It connects me to my sensitivity, my intuition and my power. I have been dancing since the age of 5 when I was already stage managing for children. The love story I entertain with dance reminds me every day that my body absorbs experiences to put them in movement.

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Trained in the Life/Art Process® with Anna Halprin in California, I use this practice for creation and transmission. I feel guided by the work of performance in nature of Anna Halprin, by psychomagic and the links art-spirituality of Alejandro Jorodovsky, and by the metaphorical, raw and living staging of Pina Baush. I am inspired by researches done alongside Soto Hoffman, Jules Beckman, Mark Tompkins, Dominic Duszynski, Julyan Hamilton, Thomas Hauert.

Recently created: ROOTS and The White Page the World is about to Write, performances in nature (2017) / When I see Green, video-dance (2016) / De mainS..., toddler's play (2015) / Entre les mailles du fil et…, trio dance-theater performance in public space (2014) / Poésie de l’instant, performance with plastic artworks at BOZAR (2013) / Seguir la Estrella del Sur, radio creation of a journey, art as a transformation movement in Latin America (2011).

I am currently interested in the topic of ROOTS, taught in Marseille, Brussels, Ibiza, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador de Bahia (BR) in studio and in nature.

Graduate: 2017 Theta Healing (Advanced) / 2016 Thai Yoga Massage (Advanced) / 2013-2016 Expressive art and Life/Art Process® Practitioner -Tamalpa Institute taught by Anne Halprin, Soto Hoffman, Dohee Lee, Ken Otter, Daria Halprin: The Art of Scoring and Expressive Art, California / 2012 Bartenieff Fundamentals, A. Loureiro / 2012 Art for toddlers, participation Festivals for tolders in Reims, Montreal, Charleroi / 2006-2010 Laban - kinesiology adapted to dance, MC Wavreille, Co. Kairos / 2009 Reiki (Advanced) / 2004-2007 International Cooperation, creation of projects and teaching tools / 1997-2001 Master in Social and Applied Communications: Socio-cultural animation and popular education, photography specialization, IHECS, Brussels / 1994-1996 Animator Certificate, Youth and Health

Languages ​​spoken: French mother tongue / Bilingual Spanish, English, Portuguese / Good knowledge of Dutch, Italian / Basic knowledge of sign language

My vision

My intention is to draw people towards their raw essence, into their wildness, and dare to go where they would not enter alone. I feel moved to observe a human being metamorphosed by art in its strengths and vulnerabilities. As a traveler in the soul and body, I am searching for new ways to experience life. Like Eurydice, I take with confidence my game partners through their shadows because I know about the treasures buried in them.

To me, dance is a metaphor for Life and I bring the interrogations of the world back to my private issues. It drives me to create and expose my truths. I wish to contribute to the transformation of the world. I see life as a laboratory: I search, I doubt, I break and I create from experience. It is in the permanent movement that I recover my freedom.


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When I perform, I create a link with the audience, I listen to it, I listen to myself. It is a form of commitment on both sides which unites us in this key moment. I am touched by dance-theater which acts on the reality with a vision in counterpoint.

I have always combined creation and transmission, stimulating and nourishing circle. As an artist, I aspire to share my vision, my language, my challenges and my strengths. Pedagogy provides a fertile ground for this exchange. My role is to guide people towards the understanding of how their body functions so as to stimulate their creativity. I invite to feel, make connections, be present and create from the inner space.

Dancing in nature allows me to intuitively connect with archaic sensations and images. By giving form to memories and emotions, I reveal the environment around me. Creating art in nature has healing power for the dancer, the audience, and for nature itself.

Dance Compagny Eau-delà danse

Marie Close is the creator of the company Eau-delà danse. It was born in 2013 with the impetus to share dance as a metaphor for life. Water flows in the body to refresh and renew, dance stimulates inspiration. Eau-delà danse is the fusion of this freshness with the beyond, a union that generates creation over and above what is known. Water purifies, it brings flexibility and fluidity, it is the fountain for transformation.

The company's project is to integrate the practice of dance to stimulate creativity and game potential: to write one's life and art. How can we allow ourselves to be transformed by the body in movement?


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The peculiarity of the company is to engage in the creation of performances as a field of exploration and innovative scene. The creations are inspired by the state of the world mirroring the state of being of the artists. They pose an act where everything is lived as the first time, a spontaneous and intense experience.

Eau-delà danse combines the creation of shows / performances and dance workshops. Educating to art helps develop sensitivity, perceptions and imagination. By learning to trust inner feelings and emotions, the person acts from a space of authenticity, rather than in response to the external world. It is an invitation to connect with the true self. Dance offers a key to open a space of inner freedom.


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