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My classes encourage you to be present in your body, anchored. For this I invite dance, drawing, voice and writing. We invent artistic languages from life experiences. I bring somatic work (knowledge of anatomy in movement) and keys to get through daily challenges. I mainly draw on my knowledge of Healing Tao® of Master Mantak Chia and Life/Art Process®, as well as dance improvisation, instant composition and my Art-Ritual tools.

For me, multidisciplinarity gives strength and depth to dance. Art brings into play the materials of life, we reveal ourselves. I invite you to create as much in solo as in duet or collective to transform the perspective.

I believe that today it is necessary to connect with one's creative sensibility. It brings intuitive answers to daily challenges while connecting to the audacity, our strengths and vulnerabilities as human beings. Reclaiming inner listening and tuning in with one's sensitivity brings more freedom at every moment.


I study with Anna for a year in California. My life is transformed. Anna Halprin, creator of the Life/Art Process® and Californian pioneer of post-modern dance, supports invention in art and daily life as a way to constantly energize creativity. Developed by exceptional personalities from the art world, this international contemporary dance practice has more than 50 years of expertise in somatic studies. Anna Halprin was inspired by research with Simone Forti, Martha Graham, Fritz Perls and the work of Feldenkrais and Alexander, revolutionary masters of the body in movement. Anna has brought a social and political dimension to the art of dance to heal individual and collective conflicts, her commitment to art is spiritual and ecological. The Life/Art Process® connects humans with each other. 

I am particularly interested in the practice of dance that stimulates creativity and empowers participants. By connecting to their resources, dancers gain confidence. I am always moved to see how artistic practices and their spontaneous shaping transform our being and our way of seeing the world.


I study with Master Mantak Chia in Thailand and certify as an Associate Instructor of Aisha Sieburth's Tao School of Vitality®, to teach the fundamental basics of Taoist practices.

What is  Healing Tao® of Master Mantak Chia?

The Tao of Healing® is a physical practice for embodying the Middle Way, finding balance to feel vibrant and creative. This approach focuses on stimulating the vital energy to cleanse toxins, nourish organs and bones, drain lymph, and return to one's center. The TAO of Healing® offers an alchemical work, the transformation of lead into gold. Taoist practices focus on sexual energy as a vital energy resource. The Earth is sexual energy in its raw state. It fertilizes everything through the alchemy of sun and water. We humans can refine the Earth's sexual energy through physical exercises so that it becomes a source of vital energy and thus cultivate our Qi.

My approach is to embody the Qi to stimulate creativity and artistic sensitivity. 



Nature inspires. 
I invite you to take the time to connect with yourself and listen to nature through the body in movement. We awaken our senses and intuition.
I invite the game collectively to connect to its audacity and creativity. We are collaborating.
It is a time to explore in nature, breathe, dance alone or together, create space and write with the body. 



  • Boosts artistic and human potential
  • Invites to collaborate and create collectively
  • To accept every parts of the being to create artistic forms
  • Inspires to engage in deep ecology


FOR WHOM? Amators & Pro's

Anyone who wants to explore the body in movement, with or without prerequisites in dance.
Dance professionals and amateurs, those who love art and nature, research and the fun of living a collective experience.



"When enough people dance together to the same rhythm with the same intention, a new force takes over! » 
Anna Halprin 

It's a circular dance to live a collective experience with the intention of being together and celebrate life. 
This ritual brings people together and connects them to each other. It gives confidence in the power of acting together! 
It is also called the DANCE FOR PEACE!

The Planetary Dance takes the form of a Mandala to invite a sense of community. 
This practice, created by Anna and Lawrence Halprin in 1978, was a tool to restore peace in a context of violence. 
This powerful ritual brings together a large number of people dancing to the percussive music played by musicians at the centre of the circles. 
There is no age limit.

Every year the Planetary Dance takes place around the world in June.

It is a real balm to the heart!

Following the attacks in Brussels in March 2016, I proposed the Planetary Dance during the following months. Since then, I offer Planetary Dance in the cities I travel to: Brussels, Spain, Ibiza, Rio de Janeiro, Bahia (Brazil).


Marie uses the tools of the Life / Art Process® in a sensitive way. I construct links that make sense in my life and my art. It's a good mix of lightness and seriousness, a perfect environment to explore with confidence and creativity.

Katharina T., Bruxelles, 19 June 2019

The work with Marie during the artistic residency woke me up! I could feel my strengths and my vulnerabilities, feel capable, alive and connect with concrete and powerful artistic tools!

Patricia P., Rio de Janeiro, 09 December 2019

I received Marie's propositions during a workshop as an invitation to return in my child's swing. It made me want to play, to laugh, to follow my desires without judging me, to go out in the street and continue to dance!

Muryell D., Rio de Janeiro, 11 November 2019

The workshop with Marie gave me a key to my own creativity and what I have to offer. My love for dance and movement have been allowed to greatly blossom!

Naomi W., Angleterre, 22 April 2019

I lived the Life / Art Process® with Marie in an artistic, therapeutic and relational way. It was also an integration of my knowledge about the art of the stage. I thought: Finally I'm dancing for real! I had a very stimulating and powerful process.

Beatrice P., Rio de Janeiro, 22 November 2019

The Planetray Dance gave me joy. I observe that I use to laugh a lot during the ritual! It gives me the feeling of working in a team, of dancing in family with people I do not know.

Anna F., Ibiza, 16 September 2019

Planatary Dance is a space-time that I offered myself several times to connect with friends and strangers, gathered around a common desire to mobilize for peace. The opportunity to gather around commitments, shared values, I also see this ritual dance as a catalyst of consciousness and energy. Despite the tragic events that motivated Marie to organize it at the beginning, this experience was every time an opportunity to share enthusiasm together with adults and children.

Eve-Coralie D., Bruxelles, 08 July 2020

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