LIFE/ART® COACHING - Individual session

Individual Sessions Life/Art process® in the NATURE (South FRANCE) or Online (Zoom)

Listening to your needs, we refine together your intention in order to let your body reveal its messages.

I invite to embrace physical, emotional, and mental tensions, as well as to explore them in the moving body. Your intention will guide throughout the process.

Drawing, voice and writing anchor dance in the inner journey. We allow art to flow through its transformative power. Your dance, as a remedy, reveals the answers and needs that reside inside your being.

Can take place ONLINE o in person when it's possible. It can also be in nature on request.

A session lasts 1h15

90€/session // Pack of 3 : 248€

For an appointment : :Contact me


The Yoga Thai Massage is a technique that applies stretching, pressure and swaying. It allows drainage, letting go of fatigue and blockages. It stimulates the nervous systems, circulation, digestion and bodybuilding. It brings openness, clarity, return to the self, concentration, creativity and daring.

PRACTICAL INFORMATION: It is given on a floor carpet and in comfortable clothes.

For everyone: adults, children, pregnant women.

A session lasts 1h30

90€/session // Pack of 3 : 250€

For an appointment : :Contact me


An EcoRitual® is a ritual that I create especially for you in NATURE.
It is a time-space that you offer yourself to symbolically close a stage of your life, celebrate an event, move on to a new phase, or simply put some order on a question/issue of the moment.

This ceremony in nature invites you to celebrate, to live a passage, and to give meaning to what you have lived. 
It is a way to embody more fully the changes and its symbolism. 
Nature at the heart of the sacred guides us to receive messages, healings and feel welcomed.

This practice stimulates creativity, acceptance, confidence in oneself and in life. 
It offers the expansion of being, like a prayer of art and life
It is simple and magical ✨

To offer yourself an Ecoritual® is to open a Big PORTAL to listen to what is vibrating within you. Nature responds instantly!

The EcoRitual® lasts 1 hour.
We will have a 1h interview a few days before the ritual and an integration interview (1h) a few days after the ritual.

The financial participation is 220€ (current rate according to the Ecorituels® school of Marianne Grasseli Meier).



On request: I offer a Celebration or Passage Ecoritual® for a group of minimum 8 persons.
The intention is the same as the individual session. In addition, here we sing, dance, create, gather in a circle, and look at each other with authenticity.
The others serve as a mirror, we will have some moments alone, in pairs, in threes or in a circle.  

The ritual lasts 2h30.

I sometimes initiate group Ecorituals® for seasonal changes, specific events, women's circles.
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The coaching Performance is dedicated to those who need support to carry out an artistic research and performance project.

I will guide you through an examination of the multiple ways to support your discours. Coaching acts on the individual level (development of intuition, creativity) and on the implementation of the project (structure, intention) while placing it in the context of international contemporary art.

I am inspired by the Life / Art Process® tools, meditation, listening techniques and CNV (nonviolent communication), tao, somatise, performative practice and my research in art.

My approach is to prepare the performer by the intervention of:

  • Somatic work to regulate the nervous system, breathing and stimulation of the body's anatomical awareness
  • Embodiement of the dance and performance
  • Creation of PARTITION: Structure of the performance and its intentions
  • Resource exploration
  • Artistic choices

Can take place ONLINE o in person when possible. It can also take place in nature on request.

TARIF : 3h - 150 € // negociated to the time of the creation

For an appointment : :Contact me


In an individual session of Life / Art®, I felt a great loosening, a true relaxation in the whole body that allows to get out of the mind. I spent a moment out of time that boosted me, which allowed me to reconnect with my creativity and I found resources that were buried in me!

Anne D., Paris, 18 August 2020

During the Life / Art Process® coaching with Mary, I realized that for some physical and emotional sensations, there is no word. Marie offered me keys to use my voice and to express myself with sound other than from the mind or with words. I like the practice of writing, drawing, the moving body. It gives me an ample vision, a wider vision to approach the world.

Fabiana C., Rio de Janeiro, 22 December 2019

I received from Marie marvelous MASSAGES : I regained consciousness of my "flesh" envelope that needed to get back to the movement. I traveled into my depths by putting down the tensions of everyday life. Thanks to the beauty of her tools, Mary helped me to give back to my bodies and hearts their potentials.

Maya P., Bruxelles, 16 March 2021

During the session of Ritual Movement with Marie, I have experienced a journey through the senses. I found relaxation in the joints and received very powerful visions related to my life. I came out purified and stimulated!

Suzanne H., Ibiza, 30 August 2019

Running, thinking, listening, planning, repairing, cuddling, talking, caring, ... constantly? For them, for the world around us ... and for oneself? A moment just for yourself, with nothing to do, nothing to think about... just let yourself go, rocked by soothing music and the gentle movements of Marie. Thank you!

Marie F., Bruxelles, 12 November 2020

I knew Marie through dance, a woman who conveys a sense of freedom and well-being through her dance. I also discovered her talent through Thai Yoga MASSAGE. An intoxicating and soothing journey, where I felt light and free of any discomfort, like a rebirth where I refilled my energy. I left feeling relaxed and at peace. Thank you for this wonderful trip!

Christophe M., 15 May 2021

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