Avril 21st - 8pm : PAST EVENT

Try’Art – Cellule 133 - Bruxelles

Plant Flowers on the Highway Duo Performance Marie Close and Ligia Tourinho

Dance performance on the choice of our gestures and intentions to plant flowers, treasures living in an accelerated quotidien, efficient and competitive. When and how is this authorization granted? By referring to the artistic stories / inspirations of their two countries, Belgium-Brazil, the dancers seek the bonds and follies that unite them to allow themselves to sow the new. Plants, poems and movements compose a hitherto fallow space. It is an invitation to create a collective breeding ground. Dare we say it? It is a reflection on the power of contemporary art carrying body ecology in our world (s).

The duo was born from a collective work with 20 dancers. Marie Close, choreographer and performer, offered an artistic residency at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) on the theme of Roots and, with them, she created a performance presented at the Choreographic Center of the city. Ligia Tourinho, teacher of contemporary dance at the UFRJ and choreographer, coordinated the establishment of the residence. The work of Marie C. is based on the practice of the Life / Art Process®, inspired by Anna Halprin. This time again, the dancers have the desire to explore the resources of the Life / Art to deepen their research. They are inspired by the multidisciplinary creation where writing, voice and drawing are married with the expressive force of the moving body.

For all ages!

BRASS Salle des Cuves
Admission price: 3euros

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