May 14-18th - 10-1pm : PAST EVENT

New Space at City Gate Studio Bruxelles

Multidisciplinary performance from the expressive force of the moving body

Multidisciplinary performance using the expressive force of the moving body

I offer a practice of performance based on the fundamentals of contemporary dance. I guide through a somatic quest and invite to draw into the creativity the messages of the mental, emotional and imaginary body. Drawing, writing and voice are used as a support for choreographic writing and composition.

My workshops are based on the practice of improvisation inspired by the Life/Art Process®. I combine a somatic research and a practice of performance based on the fundamentals of contemporary dance and meditation. My intention is to guide you towards the connection with your resources. The physical practice supports the exploration of writing, drawing and voice; it gives strength to reveal your expressive qualities!

Developed by outstanding personalities from the art world, the Life/Art Process® has more than 50 years of expertise in somatic studies. Anna Halprin revolutionized contemporary dance in the 70s. She was inspired by researches realised with Simone Forti, Martha Graham, Fritz Perls and works by Feldenkrais and Alexander, revolutionary masters of the body in movement whose studies have brought changes in social groups behaviours. Anna has brought to the art of dance a social dimension to heal individual and collective conflicts. I am particularly interested in her artistic practice and spontaneous formatting in different scenic contexts.

+ What does it bring?
Boosts artistic and human potential
Invites to collaborate and create collectively
Accepts all the parts that make up the being to create artistic forms
Inspire to engage in deep ecology

No pre-requisites Open to amateurs and artists who want to explore, create, move and embrace life and art.

Monday to Friday from 10 to 1pm 
New Space – Anderlecht
Grondelstraat-Rue des Goujons 152, 1070 Anderlecht - Studio City Gate, 3ème étage, 1070 Anderlecht
Tram 81-82

25 € / course
110 € / 5 days

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