What spring do I want to plant myself in for this new 2023 cycle?



Since the beginning of time, art has been uniting and healing.

I invite you to a Life/Art Process® w-end where the expression of the body will be our resource to meet ourselves and reveal ourselves.
After the winter, comes the tender birth of all possibilities.

I offer a space to stimulate CREATION in our artistic practices and in our lives!

We will visit what is in the way to embrace the full potential.
We will plant the new seeds of our Art/Life.
It is by dancing TOGETHER that we transform ourselves.

The time of a weekend: put ourselves in play, act in presence, create rituals and honor our fragile parts and gifts!
The psychomagic act inspired by Alejandro Jodorowsky brings back the magic in forgotten corners of our being.
We will then return to our daily lives with new costumes assumed on the stage of life.

The Amerindian Medicine Wheel and the Taoist Wheel will support us in the writing of RITUALS put into shape thanks to the artistic supports.

Dance, drawing, writing and voice will be the main tools, coming from the Life/Art Process®.

We will start with an approach of the body in movement (somatic work).
There will be times for one-on-one, two-on-one, three-on-one and group experiences to create intuitive scores.
There will be resource times to cuddle our bodies in the birth of spring!
Ritual performance will be at the heart of our approach: creating to transform and/or anchor in one's art and life.

Nature will guide us in this new spring.

I believe in the creative force that manifests itself in artistic practices to dare to reveal our essence to the world!

I draw from the tools of Life/Art Process®, Tao of Healing® (Mantak Chia), EcoRituals® (Marianne Grasselli Meier), dance improvisation and my own research of creations and performances in nature.

This will bring you:
- Body awareness
- Unfolding of creativity
- Release of energy blockages
- Connection to your inner freedom
- Connection with a tribe of art and life

Who is it for?
artists, therapists, people on a path of self-knowledge, lovers of artistic disciplines who want to experiment and acquire tools of body awareness and inner freedom.

March 17: 6pm - 8pm (arrival 5 pm)
March 18: 9:30am - 7pm + evening cocooning activity
March 19th: 9:30am - 4pm

Where ?
at Val des Fées : https://www.val-des-fees.com
in the Maloca (hard yurt) and in the surrounding nature (river and large nature area)
18 route du Mas Audran 34800 Lacoste

Small price : 285€ - includes the Life/Art Process® workshop 
Normal 315€
Abondance 350€

+ 15€/adhérant/année

We will co-create the breakfasts (Saturday and Sunday) and the dinners of Friday and Saturday evening in Spanish hostel.

Lodging is to be paid separately: If possible, I advise everyone to sleep on site.
- possibility to sleep in the Maloca (dance space in the yurt): 10€.
- your own tent : 10€.
- room for 2-3 people: 20€.

Annual membership/member : 15€.

REGISTRATION : info@marieclose.art


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