August 1st to 9th 2022


TERRA, memory and (he)art-to-become



Laboratory of expressions and ritual performances


- TERRA, memories & (He)Art-to-come -


in the studio and in the nature on the island of IBIZA.

Retreat for WOMEN.
CONNEXION to your MAGIC and WILD nature.

It is an invitation to nourish the body, heart and soul by stimulating authenticity, the creative act and the magic of the collective.

Welcome to dive together into the transformative power of art !
I open the space to support you re-connect to the source of your creativity, to your powerful and wild nature, to the One that knows intuitively !

I will take you on an exploration of our connection to the EARTH : the body as matter, the earth element, gravity and in a more global way: our connection to the planet and to our humanity. We will visit our stories, those of yesterday and tomorrow with the tools of the LifeArt Process® created by Anna Halprin.

The body in movement reveals instinct and intuition.

In perpetual transformation, it builds and deconstructs itself. It dies and is born at every moment, it experiences pain and pleasure, it integrates and produces new patterns. We are beings endowed with this complexity that makes us vulnerable and strong.

I believe in the power of art to reinvent our humanity in this period of world history. I believe in the psycho-magical potential of art and I trust that living a collective experience of art-ritual allows the empowerment of each individual.

During these 7 days, we will draw from the materials of body, voice, writing and drawing to co-create improvised choreographic scores and rituals.

One day up 2, will be explore in nature to dance on the land near the sea! Interaction with nature stimulates presence and receptivity to nourish dance. The other day, we will be in studio.  "Our body is our instrument," says Anna Halprin, and when it unfolds and frees itself, it gives access to emotions, reveals images and enhances creativity. We will gather these treasures to compose forms, scenes and performances.

This laboratory is an invitation to unfold your creative being!

On Sunday, we will have the opportunity to share some ritual performance forms with an audience/witness.

My ingredients are: LifeArt Process®, somatic work, performance, EcoRitual® and the Tao of Healing®.


from September 12 to 18 (on the 12th we will start in the afternoon, on the 18th we will finish around 2pm)
from 9am to 2pm


Cala Pada studio AND in nature



If needed, there is the possibility to book a shared apartment in Cielo Azul:

Apartment for 4 people: 41€/day/person (with a room with 2 individual beds and 2 individual sofa beds in the living room)

Apartment for 5 people: 38€/day/person (with two rooms with 2 single beds each and 1 single sofa bed in the living room)


Camping Es Canar in Cala Nova (7 min away by bicycle): 126 eur for 6 nights

When you register, let me know if you want to reserve a bed and I will put you in touch with the people registered for the course so that you can make the reservation on Cielo Azul.



- Pedagogy: 440€ early bird before July 15th - 500€ after this date: by bank transfer or paypal

The registration is valid after payment.

- Car rental: I strongly advise you to rent a car with several people, the island is beautiful and worth seeing from several angles!

- Plane : booking via Ryanair, Vueling, Iberia, depending on your departure city.


No level required, but the curiosity to discover your body in movement and to live together this week of art, life and nature (writing, voice, drawing, dance).

Bring comfortable clothes for dancing in studio and in nature, thermos, writing pad, pen, yoga mat, small blanket, A3 sheets and colored pastels.


Registration & Info:

This workshop takes place just before and during the TERRITORI Performance Festival in Ibiza (17-25/09):

For those who wish to continue the workshop as spectators, it is possible to book accommodation for a longer period.


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