Research on choreographic SCORE writing with the tools of Anna Halprin

© Photo credits - Cicero Rodrigues

From May 23 to 27, 2022
at Arts Fabrik - Montpellier

Open to artists (all disciplines) interested in the body in movement.

Somatic - Arts - Performance

During these 5 days, I want to share the practice of SCORE, as it was transmitted to me by Anna Halprin.

My INTENTION is to live a collective research experience based on these tools.

The combination of somatics - art - play: opens up a state of presence to oneself, to the other, to the space and by extension stimulates presence on stage. This work anchors in the here and now to make visible the anchor points and the spaces of vulnerability. Using Life/Art Process® tools, we approach performance as a ritual space.

When we are connected to our bodies, our hearts and our imaginations, creativity flows naturally!

My desire is to transmit the SCORE: choreographic score writing (according to Lawrence Halprin) and then to bring us together to write our scores and to play them.

It is a research that invites spontaneity, the present moment in a climate of benevolence and listening.

By asking ourselves the question: "How to create... a meal, a house, a work of art?", Lawrence Halprin (Anna's husband) became interested in the ingredients for collective creation.

He then invented a protocol to enter into a collective creation process for performance. This is what we will discover together.

What interests me in this practice is the freedom it allows. The writing of the SCORE opens up an improvisation with a determined structure in which we know WHAT to explore but we don't say HOW to do it. This invites boldness and inventiveness!

Also, after writing the SCORE, there is a phase called "Valuaction", where the action is evaluated. This is a time to reflect on what was written before playing the SCORE and/or what was experienced after playing it. For me, this step invites freshness: what worked for me/us today? What can be improved? It brings a living dimension to the creative process!

The SCORE is an invitation to go beyond the notion of performance and let the performative moment transform us.

I am convinced that this practice is vital today, in this global context where we are asked to be inventive!


During these 5 days, I will guide times of somatic practices and danced improvisations. Drawing, voice and writing will permeate our investigation. I will transmit the theory of SCORE that we will put directly into practice. Each person will then be invited to write a SCORE that we will experiment with collectively. During each performance, we will do a Valuaction and sometimes we will replay the performance based on the improved SCORE.

Once the theory of the SCORE is transmitted, I will include myself in the game. I want to live this collective experience in a horizontal way. We will learn from each other.

This 5 day research time will allow you to :

- Deepen body awareness and anchor presence, play with anatomy in movement, stimulate creativity and express your essence

- Explore the material of expression: drawing, voice and writing as a support for the body in movement

- Stimulate intuition and subtle listening to make room for synchronicities

- Writing and playing scores collectively with a method that allows the body to be put into ritual art, created by Lawrence and Anna Halprin of the Tamalpa California Institute. Performance is experienced here as the art of the moment. On a given theme, what will be the resources chosen to make our subject visible? What will emerge spontaneously in our improvisation as a response to the themes and intentions?

- Live a collective experience of improvisation and performance

- Weaving authentic connections that honor vulnerability with other people, with a focus on the body in movement and co-creation.

I will guide you in acquiring the tools and going through the process together. Once we have integrated the principles of SCORE, each of us will write choreographic scores = SCORE to share with the group.

Depending on our desires and possibilities, we will present a few SCORES chosen together to an audience.

For the selection of the artists, having followed one of the workshops offered by Marie C. on Anna Halprin's SCORE, is a plus!

Two workshops will take place in Montpellier: 12-13/02 at Arts Fabrik and 16-17/04 at l'Archipel.

However, this requirement is not exclusive.


- A2 or A3 paper, pastels,

- writing pad and pen

- your picnic lunch


- be an artist in a discipline that includes an interest in the body in movement

- be connected to the work of Anna Halprin

- be available to participate in the entire residency for 5 days from 10am to 5pm.

- have participated in one of the workshops offered by Marie C. on Anna Halprin's SCORE or with a person certified in LifeArt Process®.

- to submit an application by April 1st, to be sent to:

Participation upon submission of application form.

Send a cover letter (max. 1500 characters), CV and a video of your artistic work.

You will receive an answer by email around April 22.

Free participation in the 5 days of residency

Not included in the residency: meals, accommodation, transportation, insurance at your own expense.
If you need to find an accommodation, we can send you some contacts of people who rent rooms.

Who am I?

My name is Marie Close, choreographer, traveler, researcher and committed to the expansion of consciousness. I love to stimulate people's creativity to connect to their heart, intuition, body in motion and authentic expression. For me, art offers a new perspective. It is a commitment. I see metaphors between my personal and collective memories. Dancing gives me space and connects me to the other, to nature, to hope.

I am mainly inspired by the Life/Art Process® transmitted by Anna Halprin, dance improvisation and Native American transmissions received during my travels.

In my artistic research, somatic work supports creation. My language is that of dance-theater, performance and video-dance.

I have at heart to invent new spaces of research in dance in order to create links between artists of different disciplines. I believe deeply in the crossbreeding of knowledge and experiences and in the crossing of points of view to bring more life to our Lives!

You will find the description of my artistic work and videos on:éations and on Vimeo Marie Close

I look forward to sharing this moment with you!

Marie Close




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