16-17 April

SCORE LifeArt Process® : Seeds and Harvest

Somatic - Arts - Performance


The intention of this workshop is to take you into the art of movement to connect to your power of creation!
We will explore the energies of Spring with the questions : What are my seed for this new cycle? And what do i want to harvest ?

I am inspired by the tools transmitted to me by Anna Halprin to experiment collectively with the writing of a choreographic score, which she called SCORE. The proposal is both corporeal and artistic, it includes our stories and themes of Life.  When we are connected to our body, our heart and our imagination, creativity naturally springs forth!

The workshop will be divided into three parts:

- Somatic education: deepening body awareness and anchoring presence, discovering anatomy in movement, playing with it, feeling, to then
to stimulate your creativity and express your essence.

- The arts to deepen the material of expression: drawing, voice and writing as support for the body in movement.

- Writing a score as a playground! What we call performance with the practice of SCORE: a method that allows the body to be put into ritual art, created by Lawrence and Anna Halprin of the Tamalpa California Institute. Performance is experienced here as the art of the moment. On a given theme, what will be the resources chosen to make our subject visible? What will emerge spontaneously in our impros as a response to the themes and intentions?

This combination of somatic - art - play: opens up a state of presence to oneself, to the other, and by extension to stage presence. It is an experience of deep transformation of the being. The desire is that the participants anchor themselves in the here and now to make visible their strength and vulnerability. Using Life/Art Process® tools, we approach performance as a ritual space.

What inspires me in the transmission of SCORE :

My experiences in contemporary dance, Healing Tao® and Thai massage® for somatic work.
My background in Life/Art Process® as transmitted by Anna Halprin
Shamanic practices gleaned in Latin America, Asia and Africa, make up my toolbox to stimulate creativity.

Psychomagic when it meets art, I am deeply inspired by Alejandro Jodorowsky.

Weather permitting, I will take you on an outdoor exploration to discover the practice of Life/Art Process® performance in nature!

16-17 April

Where ?
Archipel Montpellier
1 Rue Etienne Antoine, 34000 Montpellier

200€ early bird before March 22st
270€ after this date

No level required, but the curiosity to discover one's body in movement and to do a thematic research through art (writing, voice, dance, drawing).

Bring comfortable clothes for dancing, thermos, writing pad, pen, yoga mat, small blanket, A3 sheets and colored pastels.

Registration & Info: info@marieclose.art


This workshop is part of a collaboration with Archipel, former studio of the artist Yann Lheureux.
In this context, Marie Close opens a call for applications to select 10 artists of all disciplines interested in the body in movement, to participate in this artistic research about the SCORE from 23 to 27 May 2022.
Interested? info and conditions on www.marieclose.art/agenda - send a letter of interest, CV and a video of your work to info@marieclose.art

Hope to see you soon!

Marie Close


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