14-15 May 2022

A weekend of dance in the belgian Ardenne!

The body to the rhythm of nature!


Weekend of dance in nature in the Ardennes!
Organized by the Crié d'Anlier and Nature Attitude in collaboration with Eau-delà danse

May 14 and 15, 2022 from 10 am to 4:30 pm.

For me, life is a dance. Every movement, every step, is a dance. Nature invites us to listen to our inner nature, our essence. During these two days, I invite you to return to the essential through the awareness of the body in movement connected to nature.

A few years ago, I studied the Life/Art Process® in California with Anna Halprin, a pioneer who revolutionized dance practice in nature.

Since then, my dance practice has been transformed!

Together we will explore how to calm the mind and listen to the messages of the body. My intention is to help you feel your body so that you can sharpen your sensations and therefore your intuition. Nature is a mirror and when we connect with it, we learn to listen to ourselves. We will have moments of exploration in nature and others in the room. The two phases are complementary. Improvised dance and writing will be used to weave the link between inside and outside, and between oneself and others.

PROGRAM: Life/Art Process® in nature!

- Breathing, feeling your body in movement, releasing tensions
- Observe the environment, feel the connection to the Earth, create a relationship between your sensations and the environment
- Play, create, alone and together
- Writing to support our explorations.


* Exercises to stimulate your body and make the link between anatomy and well-being
* Knowledge of Chinese medicine to radiate health
* Artistic tools to express your emotions, thoughts, physical sensations
* Empathy from other participants
* Permission to be authentic and connect with your essence.

You will LEAVE with:

* The connection between your physical body, your emotions and your thoughts
* Keys to listening to your intuition
* Ingredients to stimulate your boldness and creativity
* A deep connection with nature and your nature.

I am inspired by the Life/Art Process®, the Art-Ritual, the Healing Tao®, and my numerous trips to the 4 corners of the globe which have brought me keys to understanding the links between art and nature.

For WHO ?
Women and men, it is not necessary to have experience in art and dance. If you do, your resources are welcome.

Price: 135€ for the course

Lodging is possible in nearby hostels and airbnb, if needed we can inform you.

Equipment: thermos for a hot drink, warm comfortable clothes, shoes for walking in nature, a notebook and pen, a small backpack to put all this in! Also: a yoga mat and a blanket for the moments of relaxation of the body on the ground during the explorations inside.

Registration directly on the Cree website: https://bit.ly/3sB4su1


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