Avril-June 2022


Awarness of the body in movement and Art-Ritual
Cycles of weekly classes
9 classes of 2 hours
Tuesdays at 6:30 - 8:30 pm

The 2nd Cycle starts on April 19th!
You don't need to have done the 1st Cycle to register!

During the 2nd cycle, we dive into the heart of our feminine pelvis, its anatomy, its memories and its anchoring keys;
We explore our Jade Palace and its 5 Flowers, energetic portals of our sacred space;
We connect with the feelings and subtle listening of our sexual organs to connect with the intuition and wisdom of our body;
We deepen the link between Heart and Uterus, to express our wild essence, and (re)awaken the One Who Knows!
We learn the Moon Orbit to recharge the water world and strengthen our kidneys, to connect to our guts; 
We stimulate the breasts, sensors of information and revelators of our feminine energy.
We experience the notion of pleasure to create, express, liberate, dare, honour and open!

This course is for you if you wish to anchor radiance, to establish your power in everyday life, to find your dignity, to take care of the wounds blocked in the body and the heart, to lift up self-confidence and trust in Life, to acquire a toolbox to vibrate with health and to anchor in your body !  

During the two cycles, dance, writing and drawing will serve as resources for authentic and wild expression.


The first cycle dealt with opening up to oneself, to the other, to the world and the heart-uterus connection. We deepen our anatomy through meditations and Healing Tao® practices for hormonal regulation. We experience our sensuality, our roots in our body and the links to our ancestors. The Dao IN (Yoga of the Tao) will guide us to find anchoring and centering.


These classes are intended to be a place of :

- resourcing 
- creativity through art and body movement with Life/Art Process® tools
- connection between women to nourish sisterhood, complicity, dare to be who you are fully!
- depth to explore themes of Life through artistic deployment

My ingredients :

To stimulate creativity and create art: Life/Art Process®, dance improvisation, singing, poems, creative games.
Somatic exploration (inner work to feel the body in movement and understand the anatomy intuitively): Tao of Healing®, self-massage, Anne Halprin Life/Art Process® Ritual Movement®, contemporary dance practices.
Meditations, Sacred Feminine, health-pleasure link: Tao of Healing®.
Women's Circle: feeling unique and united in a collective of women. Finding support in the circle.
Drawing, writing, voice
Choreographic language
Tips for feeling young, beautiful and healthy

What is Master Mantak Chia's® Tao of Healing?

The Healing Tao® is a physical practice to embody the Middle Way, to find the balance to feel vibrant and creative. This approach focuses on stimulating the vital energy to cleanse toxins, nourish the organs and bones, drain the lymph, and return to one's centre. The TAO of Healing® offers an alchemical work, the transformation of lead into gold. Taoist practices focus on sexual energy as a vital energy resource. The Earth is sexual energy in its raw state. It fertilises everything through the alchemy of sun and water. We humans can refine the Earth's sexual energy through physical exercises to become a source of life energy and thus cultivate our Qi.

My approach is to embody the Qi to stimulate creativity and artistic sensitivity. 

 * Exercises to stimulate your body and make the link between anatomy and well-being 
* Knowledge of the Tao of Healing®, ancestral wisdoms to radiate health 
* Artistic tools to express your emotions, your thoughts, your physical sensations
* Empathy
* Permission to be authentic and connect with your essence.

You will LEAVE with :
* The link between your physical body, your emotions and your thoughts 
* Keys to listening to your intuition and feeling present
* Ingredients to stimulate your boldness and creativity 
* A restored connection to a true childlike curiosity, and a perspective that looks at the world with wonder 
* Awareness of your sacred temple and its creative power to materialise your dreams
* A connection with your deepest nature
* An experience of intimate and inspiring relationships that honour vulnerability with other participants, which will leave you delighted and heartbroken.

This is an opportunity to DANCE from home!
Dance, draw, write, discover Healing TAO® and tame your female anatomy to stimulate creativity.

Open to all, no prerequisites!

By embracing art, you are contributing to your personal evolution and also to the emergence of a greater collective consciousness!


PRACTICALLY, you will have access to :

2 x 9 x 2h classes ONLINE between February and June
Replays of the courses during 1 week
A group on whatsapp with the participants to exchange and share our creations 
A space of sisterhood


2nd cycle: 19 April to 14 June
Tuesdays 6.30 - 8.30 pm

Cycle #2: 444€ until April 14 at noon
Thereafter 555€

Registration after payment on account.
Please send your proof of payment by email.

+32 496 782 131 (whatsapp only)

2x2M: push the furniture to dance freely.

- pastel pencils
- A3 or A4 drawing paper
- a notebook and a pen
- comfortable clothes for movement
- a bottle of water

We will meet by ZOOM.
I will send you the necessary information when you register.

Open to all, no prerequisites

My name is Marie Close, choreographer, traveler, seeker of truths and woman committed to the expansion of Women and Men on Earth.
I love to stimulate people's creativity to connect with their heart, their intuition, their body in movement.
This allows to release tensions to connect to one's Essence. I am mainly inspired by the Life/Art Process® that I have been teaching for 7 years, by dance improvisation and by Healing Tao®. 
I am also an artist, I create performances and I write poems.

+ more info :
Fb and Insta : @eaudeladanse


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