October 15-17th

Embodying the Seasons ! - LifeArt Process®

Reconnect to our ancestral wisdom, feminine cycle and the rhythm of nature

Residential workshop co-animated by Amandine Servranckx and Marie Close.
Marie and Amandine will take you on a journey to the heart of your wild and sacred soul.

Our organs, the seasons, powerful resources to create the colorful dance of our lives and enchant the world !

Taking care of your health means taking care of the health of the world.

Reconnecting to ancestral knowledge, to the feminine cycle, to the rhythm of the seasons, to our voice, to the elements that surround and support us, is to work within ourselves and to a better collective vibration.


Welcome dear Women, to the seasonal weekends!

Dance, Life/Art Process®, Tao of Healing UHTS®, Work That Connects®, 
Authentic Movement, voice work, drawing, writing, ritual.

Our intention is to be together to create a connection between life, art, body & elements.
Our engine will be the body in motion. 
Our organs as an anchor for regeneration are also poetic resources to draw from our depths and to stimulate authentic expression. 

In this time of upheaval, it seems important to us to return to the body structure to strengthen the anchoring and dare to express our intuition and instinct. 

In all kindness, come and explore the wild woman who reveals herself differently in each season, the one who knows and listens finely to the messages of her body, those of the earth and those of her sisters.

Together, we create a creative and intimate space of exploration for all women who desire a time of deep connection.

We take care to nourish what is alive, through our proposals, our practices, the simplicity of the place, the proximity with nature, a living food and a long time that allows to dive inside oneself. 

No prerequisite is necessary.  Just an impulse of the heart and the soul.

A few words about the 1st weekend: October 15-17, 2021

In autumn, it is the lungs and the large intestine that are put under the magnifying glass of Chinese Medicine. It is a time for sorting, letting go and resting. It is a time to welcome emotions such as sadness or nostalgia. The color white, the element metal and the image of the mountain top encourage and support sensitivity and accuracy. 

We will be inspired by these images, sensations and textures to create movement within us.

2nd weekend: March 11-13, 2022

In winter, the kidneys and bladder are the most stimulated organs in Chinese Medicine. They are linked to the element WATER, to the deep blue of the oceans, linked to the pause, to the time of resourcing, to be in one's cave while the buds of spring are preparing. The emotions of these organs are fears and staggering. Their virtues when they are well nourished: quiet strength and anchoring. 
Our kidneys are the main organs to feel healthy. In winter, we keep them warm! They are the basis of our sexual energy and therefore vital and creative. They are like the roots of our body that go down to our feet to draw from the earth the water and energy necessary for our anchoring.

The workshop will take place at the premise of spring, time of melting ice, of the emergence of light after the darkness of winter.
We will be inspired by these images, sensations, textures to create movement and compose together.


Concrete and practical information

Three weekends to explore each season:

Dates :
° October 15-16-17, 2021 
° March 11-12-13, 2022
° May 6-7-8, 2022
(Weekend starts Friday 5:30 pm - ends Sunday 4 pm)

° Summer Retreat (see in Agenda - descriprion and specific price)
July 7-12, 2022
(at the Arbre aux Etoiles Ecospace - Normandy)



In a gite and in a shared room
At the Centre de Partage d'Avioth 


280/weekend if you commit to the 3 weekends 

Includes accommodation in a shared room (4 beds/room), taxes, two lunches and teachings.

! Collective participation in evening meals and breakfasts. 
Details will be communicated for a flexible and supportive organization.
Take your own sheets and covers.
Carpooling is possible.


Bring comfortable clothes for dancing, thermos, writing pad, pen, A3 sheets and colored pastels, a small blanket.

Info & registration by e-mail

Payment of the full amount at registration.
BE54 310 1211479 35

Places are limited to 12 women!


Marie Close 
Performer, choreographer and teacher, I have been dancing since the age of 5. I am fascinated by: the wild expression of being, the somatic messages of the body and the power of transformation through art. As a traveler, I am inspired by collective experiences and shamanic rituals to nourish my artistic practice. My idealism leads me very early in socio-artistic projects. Art has always been for me a space of connection. The meeting with Anna Halprin in 2012 anchors my performance & healing vision. 
I created the Compagnie Eau-delà danse to transmit art as a movement of Life. In recent years, I teach Life/Art Process® and create performances with professionals and amateurs in Brazil, Ibiza, Thailand, Belgium. My studies in Healing Tao® bring today a sacred dimension to the somatic transmission. I love to stimulate your intuition and creativity: in studio, in nature and in individual sessions.

As an observer of inner worlds, Amandine Servranckx has always been fascinated by human nature, the expressive power of bodies in movement and the transformative power of creativity.
Dance, healing, magic, writing and drawing have come together to form a whole that she has been sharing since 2015 within her different spaces where it is about embodied presence, exploring wounds and beliefs, mysteries and power, body, emotion, connection, nature, listening, connection, sharing and authenticity.

Together, we have produced video-dances and community projects related to local ecology. Today, in addition to being connected by the thread of friendship, we share a passion for dance, the magic of life and eco-feminism. We love the depths, the landscapes, childhood and freshness! Our complementarity inspires us.

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