July 29th - August 1st

Ritual Art - Dance, writing, drawing

Somatics - Arts - Performance


The workshop organized in May by AKDT is FULL.
Therefore, I set up this new opportunity to share my artistic practice: 

The intention of this workshop is to take you into the art of movement to connect to your power of creation!
The proposal is both physical and artistic, it includes our stories and themes of Life.  It will be divided into three parts:
- Somatic education: deepen your body awareness and anchor your presence in order to stimulate your
to stimulate your creativity and express your essence.
- Arts to deepen the material of expression: drawing, voice and writing to support the body in movement.
- Performance through the practice of RSVP, a method that allows for the embodiment of ritual art, created by Lawrence and Anna Halprin of the Tamalpa California Institute. Performance is experienced here as the art of the moment. On a given theme, what resources will be chosen to make our subject visible?

This somatic-art-performance development opens up a state of presence to oneself, to the other, and by extension to stage presence. It is an experience of deep transformation of the being but it is not a therapy. The desire is that participants anchor themselves in the here and now to make visible their strength and vulnerability. Using Life/Art Process® tools, we approach performance as a ritual space. Here psychomagic meets art. For this, the inspiration comes from Alejandro Jodorowsky.

I am inspired by my studies in contemporary dance, Tao® and Thai massage® for the somatic work. My background in Life/Art Process®, transmitted by Anna Halprin, and shamanic practices studied in Latin America, Asia and Africa, make up my toolbox for stimulating creativity.

If the weather is permitting, I will take you on outdoor explorations to discover Life/Art Process® performance practice in nature!

July 29th - August 1st 
9:30am - 5:30pm and evening improvisation session if the group wishes: 7/30pm-9pm

Where will it take place?
The workshop will take place at the ASBL " La Gatte d'Or " : Chemin sur le Foy, 10 B-6950 Harsin ;
Accommodation in a double room, with 3 organic meals included per day.
Possibility to sleep on site from the 28th to the 29th on request (50€/night)

Pedagogy : 400€ early bird before June 8th - 450€ after this date
Full board accommodation: 300€
Due to sanitary measures, places are currently limited to 10 and everyone will have their own room. If we "decompartmentalize", it is possible that you share your room with another person.
Registration is valid after payment.

No level required, but the curiosity to discover one's body in movement and to make a thematic research through art (writing, voice, dance, drawing).

Bring confortable clothes to dance, thermos, writing pad, pen, yoga mat, small blanket, A3 sheets and colors pastels.

"La Gatte d'Or" is located near Marche-en-Famenne, 4 kilometers from the National 4.

From the Nationale 4 Namur - Arlon, between Marche and Bastogne

Coming from Namur via Marche :
Exit at Km 107, exit Charneux Harsin Nassogne
In the center of Harsin, direction Nassogne
After 1 km, opposite the bus shelter, direction Ambly - Cherbai
!! N° 10 is more or less 400 m from N° 4

Coming from Bastogne :
Exit at Km 110, exit Harsin Marloie Rochefort
In the center of Harsin, direction Nassogne
After 1 km, opposite the bus shelter, direction Ambly - Cherbai
!! N° 10 is more or less 400 m from N° 4

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