April 25th : 6:30-9:30pm



Since the dawn of time, during every Full Moon, women have been standing in a circle, with drums in their hands to sing, to get into their bodies, to connect to the heartbeat, to heal each other and to inspire each other. It was a time to remember the Essence of Life, the greatness of each and to connect with Mother Earth.

Today, more than ever, it is time to get together, in a circle, among sisters, to support and re-appropriate our deep, wild and free femininity. 
Goddesses are archetypes that reconnect us to all the facets of our femininity. 
in order to embody our full power. 


I am delighted to organize those Women Circles de Femmes in co-creation with Anne d'Alançon.

We will meet every month, with the inspiration of a Goddess: Lilith, Saraswati, Inanna...

We will celebrate under the Full Moon to co-create, heal and rekindle in us the delicious nectar of the Goddess!

We will visit :
- What Medicine do they offer me?
- What qualities do I want to invite more often into my Life?
- What are the limiting beliefs that prevent me from fully vibrating their virtues?
- What Rituals should I use to honour them? 
- What artistic expression connects me to each of them?

Art, Dance, Poetic Writing, Ritual, ThetaHealing and Tao will guide us to incarnate the Goddess within ourselves as a Circle of Women.

We will breathe together, 
We will sing,
We will dance accompanied by the Drum,
We will smile at our organs and learn how to support them in their vitality, 
We will discover how our vital, sexual and creative energy are connected,
We will tap into our deepest truth to create space and lasting power,
We will experience Art and Women's Rituals, 
We will receive guidance from the Goddess in the form of powerful energy channelling and downloading to anchor her essence in our cells, respecting what is right for us. 


You will receive :
* Keys to connect to your inner Goddess at any time
* ingredients for authentic relationships 
* Practices to stimulate your health and make the link between anatomy and well-being 
* Knowledge of the Tao, and ancestral wisdoms related to Chinese Medicine
* Artistic tools to express your emotions, your thoughts, your physical sensations
* Permission to be authentic and connect with your essence.

At the end of the cycle of 6 encounters, you will leave with :
* Keys to listen to your intuition and the feeling of being present.
* Ingredients to stimulate your boldness and creativity 
* Awareness of your sacred temple and its creative power to materialize your dreams
* A connection with your inner nature
* a sorority experience that honours the vulnerability between participants, will leave you delighted and with an open heart.
* Inner paradigm shifts, a greater connection with all facets of your feminine identity. 
* A feeling of being the wild, free and powerful woman that you are. 


3h/month during Full Moon
6.30 pm to 9.30 pm

2020 : 28/11, 27/12
2021 : 31/01, 28/02, 27/03, 25/04 

Join us for 1, 3 or 4 workshops 
1 workshop : 65€
3 workshops : 180€
4 workshops : 225€

Material and preparation
- a notebook and a bic
- a comfortable outfit to be on the move
- water or hot herbal tea
- something to sit on comfortably
- push the furniture to dance freely (2x2m) 

Online by Zoom

Open to all, no prerequisites! 

Who are we?

Marie Close
As an explorer, traveller, dancer and choreographer, poet, I like to support people in creating their gestural languages, in expressing their magic through art. I accompany women to take root with the practice of Tao, refining their sexual energy so that it becomes vital and creative energy! I am in love with nature, I embody at best my vision in the dreams I realize.
I am mainly inspired by the Life/Art Process® which I have been teaching for 5 years, dance improvisation and Healing Tao®. Somatic education is my way of stimulating creativity and thus vital energy.
Fb & Insta : eaudeladanse

Anne d'Alançon
Moon mother initiated by Miranda Gray, I propose women's circles since 2015.
I am also an intuitive energetician, practitioner and trainer in ThetaHealing, a quantum liberation technique. 
A wild and free woman, I work for the awakening of consciousness and the new world. 
Fb & Insta : LunaFlow

Registration and information :
Marie (Belgium) : +32 496 782 131
Anne (France): +33 6 12 07 02 10

Looking forward to living the Art-Ritual together!

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