September 19-20-21-22th


DANCE your connexion to your feminine anatomy and feel your woman empowered !

September 19th to 22d 
9:30-12am (brazilian time) // 2-4:30pm (european time)
10 hours of deepening study


The ingredients: Life/Art Process®, dance improvisation and Healing Tao®, a mixture of art and somatics awareness. 
TAO® focuses on how to keep the Qi to nourrish organs and creativity. Sexual energy is the source of vital and therefore creative energy.

We will explore :
- SUVERAINETY in your Body
- CELEBRATION of the Feminine

This ONLINE DANCE MODULE on the SACRED FEMALE will connect you with :

- your Female BODY, your organs and your vital energy:
you will learn exercises to root yourself in everyday life.

or how to stay present, fresh and alive day after day.

- your ANCESTRAL roots and your power as a Woman:
art reveals by itself the knowledge buried within us.

- the CONFIDENCE in you and in Life :
expressing yourself creatively in front of a group, receiving empathy and relating to its authenticity leads to an open heart and mind.

- your INTUITION :
in order to make choices and take action, it is useful to reconnect with your womb.

- the psychomagical RITUAL act in a circle of Women :
inspired by Jodorowsky, I propose to combine ritual, art and stories to transform wounds into treasures.

Here is an opportunity to DANCE from your home!
Dance, draw, write, discover the TAO® and its female anatomy to draw from your creativity.
For this new school year, I have the impetus to share on: how to take a fresh look at oneself? 
Fear is the emotion that is the most stimulated at the moment. In my experience, expressing emotions through art stimulates immunity and creates room for a new look at life, and therefore at the world!

The ingredients of this Module : 
Somatic experience of the body in movement
Organs and their Metaphors in Chinese Medicine, Transposed to Dance
Drawing, writing, voice to deepen the dance
Space, Rhythm, body weight and relationship to others to amplify the choreographic language.
Tips for feeling young, beautiful and healthy
Creative games

We go deep into the sensations of our women's bodies, while stimulating our audacity and our childlike heart, in all simplicity!

I am Marie, choreographer, traveller, seeker of truth and committed to the expansion of Women and Men on Earth. I like to stimulate people's creativity to connect with their heart, their intuition, their body in movement.

4 half days (4 x 2h30)
September 19-20-21-22, 2020
9:30-12am (brazilian time) // 2-4:30pm (european time)

We will conduct the workshop in a 2x2 space or whatever is possible. Make sure to push furniture, chairs, nothing in the space to dance freely.
MATERIAL, I suggest you bring with you :
- pencils, pastels or whatever you have on hand to draw with.
- 1 drawing sheet A3 preferably, otherwise A4 or whatever you have
- a notebook and a pen 
- a comfortable fit
- a bottle of water 

We'll see each other by ZOOM. All the informations will be given when suscribed.

Limited PLACES !!!

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