Dolphins & Dance
Time for yourself to create Silence and prepare to LISTEN

dance with Dolphins

In collaboration with the Eco-tourism travel agency Turquoize and Améthyste, I will offer the week with workshops on body awareness in movement to meet dolphins.

Meet the Dolphins, Angels of the Sea. Their movements and state of presence inspire the physical, emotional and imaginary body. DANCE the encounter and what is revealed. Connecting us to the power of our feminine and masculine.
To discover our anatomy through the practice of CAT to anchor ourselves in the body.

We will take time to settle down and absorb our experiences. Dolphins live in full consciousness. I invite you to be rocked by their energy to let a dance emerge.

For this I am inspired by the practice of Life/Art Process® and Healing TAO.
The Life/Art Process® is a dance practice that bridges the gap between anatomy and movement awareness to stimulate creativity. Drawing, writing and voice support the body in movement. I will offer you moments of research through art and the body on the boat and in the water!
Healing TAO is an ancestral practice from China to anchor oneself in presence, visualize one's anatomy, bring energy to the organs and connect with nature. In Healing Tao, sexual energy is experienced as an elixir of youth.
The two practices respond marvelously to each other. 
Together, they will make the encounter with dolphins and the magic that emanates from them even more alive.

** Where? **
in the Bay of Sataya in the Red Sea in Egypt.
The Bay of Sataya is heart-shaped and we will be in the centre of the heart.

** On the program ** :

- At sunrise, start the day with a morning awakening of the TAO

- 2 or 3 outings/day to connect to the dolphins' energies: before and after breakfast, and at the end of the afternoon. We will be guided by the people on board the boat who will take us to meet them. In a relaxed atmosphere and equipped with flippers, mask and snorkel, we will observe the dolphins while bathing beside them in the calm and respect of their natural environment. We will live at their rhythm with the intention of meeting them: we will go towards them by letting them come towards us as well: LISTEN ...

- I will propose you a practice of Life/Art Process® : ideally in the morning session. 

- After lunch (noon): Time for oneself: writing, drawing, letting oneself be 

- Before or after dinner: Dao Yin (TAO yoga to circulate energy and eliminate tension), TAO meditation.

The workshops will be proposed according to the dolphin outings which remain a priority. You will also discover the varied fauna and flora of the magnificent coral reefs.

** PRICE ** : 1695€.
Included in the price:
Return charter flights from Brussels
Bus transfers to and from Marsa Alam airport - Hamata port in Egypt
Navigation/cruise taxes
The double cabin to share 
Supervision of sea outings and encounters with dolphins (dedicated Snorkle Guides)
The animation of the workshops 
Hearty and varied meals, generous snacks, snacks & soft drinks at will

In addition, the following costs are to be expected:
Repatriation assistance insurance is compulsory. 
The visa for entry into Egypt for EU nationals to be paid on the spot (+/-25€).
The right of access to the Bay of Sataya (15€/person/week).
The tip at the end of the stay (40€ to 60€) for a crew that is extraordinarily dedicated and takes great care of us.

Turquoize and Amethyst Agency :

- a notebook and a pen for poetic writing
- comfortable clothes for practice times (dance and Tao)
- masks, snorkels, clothing for going in the water (practical information will be given to you when you register)
- sunscreen lotion
- hat
- ... complete list will be communicated to you at the time of registration.

If you have any questions, please contact me here: fb Marie Close or

We look forward to meeting you with dolphins through dance!

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