26/08 - 1/09

#IBIZA - 7 days to CREATE in NATURE

Stimulate the sensorial body as ressource of creativity. Pluridisciplinar workshop.

#IBIZA - 7 days to CREATE in NATURE

Stimulate the sensory body as a ressource for creativity. This pluridiciplinary workshop invites us to link artistic expression to life themes, deepening the experience of being human. 


26/08 - 1/09 : two formulas



Dance Improvisation with focus on SPACE and TIME. Somatic work to amplify anatomical awareness and amplify creativity. Drawing, writing and voice support the dance. We will experiment instant composition and score for performance. Two days at Studio 8 and two days in nature.

Monday to Thursday from 9:30AM to 2:30PM


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*3 days Life/Art® &TAO (for Women only)

I invite you to enter the dance through sensitive listening and awareness of your anatomy. We will create shapes to express sensations and emotions from the body and the imagination. It is a time to connect with yourself and your nature. To be, to connect to the sacred feminine, to receptivity, to your intimate waters, through breath, sounds and gestures.

I am inspired by my practice in contemporary dance, the Life/Art Process® and the Tao For Women.

Timetable : Friday 5-8PM / Saturday-Sunday 10AM-1PM



*Where? Studio 8 (Santa Eularia - Ibiza) and Exploration in NATURE

Studio 8 : https://m.facebook.com/borjatous/?locale2=es_ES


*Price : Early bird Belfort August 3rd

4 days COMPOSITION : Early bird : 240€ (200€ unemployed, students) / after : 300€ (250€ unemployed, students)

3 days WOMEN : 110€ (90€ unemployed, students) / after : 140€ (120€ unemployed, students)

7 days COMPOSITION+WOMEN : Early bird : 325€ (280€ unemployed, students) / after : 415€ (360€ unemployed, students)


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